Accepted Posters

Proposal of whitelist based detection of MITB attacks using browser extension

Kazuki Takada (Yokohama National University, SecureBrain corporation), Kunihiro Shiraishi (SecureBrain Corporation), Katsunari Yoshioka (Yokohama National University), Tsutomu Matsumoto (Yokohama National University)

User Path Prediction Based on Passive Indoor Location Technology

Jia-Ning Luo(Ming Chuan University) and Ming-Hour Yang (Chung Yuan Christian University)

An Improve Framework for One Database Private Information Retrieval

Hsiang-Chen Hsu (National Chengchi University), Raylin Tso (National Chengchi University), Peter Shaojui Wang (Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories)

The Concept of Meta-PKI: A Decentralized Trust Model Using Smart Contract for Internet of Things

Shohei KAKEI (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI (Kobe University), Masami MOHRI (Gifu University), Toru NAKAMURA (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International), Masayuki HASHIMOTO (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International), Hiroyuki YOKOYAMA (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International), Shoichi SAITO (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Testbed for ML-based Remote IoT Network Security

Antti Kolehmainen, Shaiful Islam (Tampere University)

Cooperative Two-layer Web Security Filtering System for Cross-site Threats Based on Man-in-the-middle Proxy and Browser Extension

Chih-Hung Wang, Lu Chin Wang and Guo Cyuan Mao (National Chiayi University)

The Positioning of Illegal Access Point of the USB Type using WiFi Based Indoor Localization of Tim-Reversal Approach

Chia-Mei Chen (National Sun-Yat Sun University), Tienā€Ho Chang (National Sun-Yat Sun University), Gu-Hsin Lai (Taiwan Police College) , Shi-Hao Wang ( Shu-Zen junior College of Medicine and Management)